“A personalized perfume reveals an identity” 

In accordance with your values and personality, it then affirms your uniqueness. I imagine your perfume to obtain a unique and adapted fragrance. All the sensations are reflected in a scent carefully created by a perfumer artist who tells your story.

Let’s create your tailor-made perfume together:

Parfum sur-mesure

  • THE ENCOUNTER: you are my inspiration. I start by listening to you, discovering you, understanding you. Your personality and your universe will thus be transcribed into a perfume that embodies who you are deeply.
  • THE CREATION: you will receive several trials. We will schedule appointments so that we can smell, test, and enable her to propose targeted scents.
  • THE SECRET: the formula of your perfume will remain confidential. Preciously preserved, you can order it at any time.You can choose to silkscreen the name of your perfume on the bottle. You may also determine the capacity and the supports (spray, candle, shower gel …). 


“Become remarkable even if you are invisible.” 

We record 5% of what we hear, 15% of what we see and about 40% of what we feel.

The power of odours is both so discreet and so great!

Logo olfactif

In deep connection with our emotions, our nose influences our perception and thus conditions our behaviour. A perfume can reveal an identity. In adequacy with your image, it then affirms all the authenticity, originality and values of your brand.

Let us create a unique olfactory identity adapted to your brand. This olfactory logo can be distributed in your shops and outside, at your trade shows, during your events… Without even seeing your sign, you will be recognizable and engraved in memories.

Thanks to olfactotherapy, your olfactory identity can also have relaxing, energizing or even comforting effects.

A “Logolf” for your company? Tell me more about it



“Let’s relive these unforgettable and emotional moments with a fragrance”

Évènements parfumés

For all your private (wedding, baptism…) or professional events (show, convention, festival…), let’s imagine a fragrance whose olfactory imprint will highlight its exceptional, majestic and unexpected character.

Hotel, shop, castle, theatre… Each place, each occasion claims an atmosphere that can be transcribed into a perfume.

Offered as a souvenir to participants or guests, this unique fragrance, available in a variety of adapted supports, will prolong the emotion.

Let’s surprise your guests


“Let’s discover a universe, a sense”


Discover the world of perfume and essential oils through workshops or Team Building activities. Discover the secrets of perfumers and learn how to create scents. Each workshop is tailor-made.

Offer an unexpected “perfume workshop” to your children and their friends. An olfactory journey that stops around smells dear to childhood will take them from the seaside to a walk in the forest, to eating a pizza or cotton candy. A trip full of surprises!

We adapt to your desires

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