The perfumer

“Perfumery is an Art,
your imprint is my inspiration


Anaïs Fournial

– Artist Perfumer Creator –

First passionate about oenology, it is later that I meet the world of perfumery. Fascinated by the smells and emotions they transmit, the desire to make it my profession is emerging.

Having received a Major in the entrance exam to the Institut Supérieur des Parfums (ISIPCA) created in Paris by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, I decided to fully commit myself to this path.

First of all Scientific Mediator at the Palais de la Découverte, I share my passion with visitors. I then fly to London as Perfume Development

Coordinator for the Perfumer Craftsman. Back in France, I moved to Grasse – the world capital of perfumery – where


I made my ranges as a Perfumer Analyst for one of the most prestigious composition houses.

Curious to understand the physiological influence of odours on behaviour and emotions, I then integrate training in olfactotherapy. This discipline allows me to give an extra meaning to my perfumes.

At the same time, I decide to set up my own House of Creation. The eponymous company “Anaïs Fournial” was born. Today, I dedicate my experience and sensitivity to the creation of tailor-made perfumes. Based in Paris and Grasse, I use my expertise in a wide variety of event projects. I assist professionals and individuals alike in the creation of a unique and exclusive olfactory signature, reflecting a unique identity. In order to continue to share my experience, I am now teaching at ISIPCA.