The perfumery is an Art, your mark is our creation…


Anaïs Fournial - Perfumer Creator Artist -

A perfume can revive a souvenir, remind an event, recall someone dear or a pleasant moment. The power of smell is as much discreet as it is strong at the same time! Although deeply rooted in our unconscious and emotions, it directly influences and conditions our behavior..

A perfume reveals an identity. Consistent with our values and our personality, it expresses our whole singularity, our uniqueness.

With no intermediary, the artist perfumer works directly with an individual, a brand, a product, a place, an event, an agency or a perfumery professional.

For this, Anaïs Fournial creates a unique and personalized olfactory identity

  • Deeply set an important event in the memories of the guests
  • Seek relaxation or boost energy
  • Feel secure entering a place such as hotel, a store or a show

All sensations are echoed in a scent designed by care by an artist perfumer.