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Sometimes we will write articles on perfumery, essential oils, the profession of perfumer.

Perfumers School, ISIPCA

Forbes writes about ISIPCA, the school of the perfumers of tomorrow. Audrey Chabal’s article explains the day she spents in this school between meeting the students, how I teach them to describe an ingredient and create a perfume.

ESXENCE 2018: Anaïs Fournial […] The Future Smells Amazing

[…] They come from the hands of a brand new perfumer called Anaïs Fournial, a young woman who is my personal bet for the future, just from smelling two of her works. One of them is the best apple scent you will ever meet. It doesn’t even have a name yet, but it’s reason enough for a short interview with one talented perfumer to watch and follow. I introduce you to Anaïs Fournial. […]

Costumised fragrance for memories

Home fragrances’ creation for your wedding or a professional event aroused the curiosity of Nice Matin

Creator of olfactive identity

Cluster côte d’azur is a nice blog about beautifull places or activities in the south of  France. I met Valérie when I was in Grasse few years ago. Thank you for this article.


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