Bespoke perfume with Jewellery Arabia

15 000,00

What is Bespoke Perfume?

Bespoke perfume is a creation catered only to you. Every shade of your personality is represented in your bespoke perfume. Anaïs will find the right ingredients, those which resonate for you, and will then harmonize them to create a perfume unique only to you.

Book your package to meet Anaïs at Jewellery Arabia and delve into the details of your bespoke creation. Creating your own perfume will take months and you will continue to work with Anaïs after the event.

If you book 2 weeks before the event, we manage a conference call with Anaïs before the event. She could start your creation and present to you some samples at Jewellery Arabia.



A first meeting before the exhibition, a private moment with the nose. A discussion to inspire her and start to imagine your bespoke perfume.

During the Jewellery Arabia, you will meet her and discover first propositions. You could share with Anaïs your feeling. When she goes back to Paris, she will continue to work on your private perfume.