Olfactive families


There are 7 families to classify fragrance. What are these? What are the raw materials and ingredients that characterize them? Smell and discover the subtleties of our fragrances.

The official perfumes classification comes from the French society of the perfumers which lists 7 families. Why do we need to classify perfumes?

Perfumes families or olfactive families have been created to easily classify fragrances. Describing a simple smell is hard enough, so describing a perfume is even harder.

Let's start by knowing what are they? Perhaps could we have some, which ones?

There are so many stories and anecdotes to share with you from their origins, their names, and their main ingredients to compose these families.

Let's go to the blind test, Miss Dior, more floral, fruity ou chypre?

And your fragrance, what family does it belong to?

During this workshop, our rose shares with you her passion on the scented universe. Join her quickly.

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