Budding perfumer


A workshop especially for children. They will develop their creativity, their artistic sense and will travel through the smells of their childhood.


Are you looking for an unusual and creative activity for your children and their friends? How about a perfume workshop?

We imagine for you the most suitable entertainment for their age and the event (holidays game, birthday, cousins meeting, ...). Quizzes, riddles, team games to engage each senses: touch, smell, taste, perhaps create something. A dynamic workshop to arouse their curiosity.

Children register a lot of odors, especially through food. Yet we are not educating to pay attention to them to describe them or to associate our emotions with them. This perfume workshop for children is perfect when making them travel in its wonderful world of smells and give them a new experience.

From 6 years old.

The price displayed is for 6 children.

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