Scented accords creation


Starting point of a fragrance creation: the scented accords. The jasmine, the chocolate, the mango ; so many creations are possible to imagine the olfactive pyramid for a new fragrance. 


Studying perfumery starts with ingredients and accords. These accords named "simple accords" because they interpret a single note: rose, the jasmine, ylang, the chocolate, coffee, caramel, banana, mango, cotton candy...

All the fragrances are composed of accords , from J’adore to la Nuit de l’Homme or Noir Exquis, none are exceptions.

Simple accords did we say? Not that simple to be honest. These creation are really precise and  technical. It only takes to put 1 drop too much to switch from lily of the valley to a honeysuckle, from peach to apricot, from rose to geranium.

During this workshop, you will start by choosing the accord you want to realise, and then the ingredients. Our perfumer will help and guide you. She will also advice you about the olfactive pyramid of your accord and to find the good balance.

The interpretation of the accords is up to you. The chocolat is black or white, in powder or melted...? Use your olfactive memories and your imagination to choose your preferences.

In the time of a workshop, become a perfumer and give birth to a sublime perfumed accord creation.

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