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Special fragrances from a new artistic and stylistic alternative.

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Anaïs fournial founded her eponymous house of fragrances creation in 2018 with her own name. She chooses to not following fashion in favor of timelessness.

The creation’s house reflects an endless creative freedom.

The creations are as valuable as daring and enhance a French special know-how. 

Unexpected projects, conferences and creative meetings let the creation house fully express itself. 


Anaïs Fournial

Olfactotherapist Perfumer


Anaïs the  artist : as a child she wanted to become an architect, a stylist.

Anaïs the Scientist : she wanted to become a neurosurgeon or an astrophysicist when she was growing up. 

Anaïs is sensitive : trying to decide between enologist or perfumer. 

The decision was made when she came first in the entrance exam of the famous school created by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, the ISIPCA.

As an inquisitive perfumer, she is training as an olfactory-therapist. She can make her creations resonate by understanding the psychological impact of essential oils on emotions.

As an olfactotherapist perfumer today, she creates meaningful perfumes expressing your desires through the language of scents.


Some people express themselves through dance, or music. Anaïs uses scents to write beautiful stories. 


Her extensive knowledge of essential oils and sympathetic ear allows her to create vibrant fragrances 


From the “Palais de la découverte” at ISIPCA, she has always shared her passion, and still does so  today through the various workshops she holds.

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On Instagram, she  shares with you moments, inspirations, tips for using certain oils and many other topics.


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