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Emotional designer

Anaïs is perfumer. A passion craft, a balance between being an artist and a scientist. After having finished head at the competitive examination to join ISIPCA, a perfume school created by Guerlain, she really understood where she belongs.

Being an independent perfumer allows her an infinite creative freedom and a vast olfactive territory to create emotional fragrance.

Her sensibility allows her to feel and translate each word, each silence into the raw material.

The correctness of her nose to find the harmony to give birth to audacious and surprising perfumes. Some express themselves through music or drawing; Anaïs plays with smells to tell us great stories.

Anaïs likes to please through her creations. She also helps people feel better by adding a touch of aromachology. Her deep knowledge of essential oils’ benefits and her benevolent ear let her realize vibrating perfumes.

Fragrance is a precious and ancestral craft that she revisits with a forward-thinking, thus giving birth to perfumes that make sense. Anaïs chooses to transcend fashion rather than to follow it and prefers timelessness.

The Art of the bespoke perfumery interpreted

with delicacy and sophistication by Anaïs Fournial.

La Maison Anaïs Fournial :

Philosophy & Convictions


La Maison Anaïs Fournial find its origin in simple desire : create emotional fragrances, fragrances that makes sense and which ingredients are carefully selected.

Born in 2018 in Paris, La Maison wants to express its creative liberty and its artistic vision of the perfumes creation without compromise on projects as classics as unexpected.

Putting our skills and our passion at your service through your perfumed projects, conferences or workshops is a perpetual pleasure. From Palais de la découverte to ISIPCA, Anaïs has always been committed to share her passion and knowledge.

The power of a perfume is both discrete and unconscious, powerful and outstanding. It helps the memory of one’s beloved to become eternal, engraving, in our memories the precious moments. Perfume is a work of Art. Its creation is as meticulous as a goldsmith’s work and requests time.

Bespoke is therefore obvious

The perfumer’s palette contains thousands of ingredients. It offers us a vast olfactory territory. It is also that the reason why the creation of bespoke fragrance is, in our view, self-evident.

These gifts are offered to us by nature, without forgetting science. Taking the best of what nature and scientists give us, to respect our health as the one of our planet. This is our philosophy.

We create exclusively  bespoke perfume.

Why ?

To limit the production of perfume to the necessary and adequate quantity,

To select specifically the useful ingredients, thus freeing themselves from  superfluous,

So that each creation is in total harmony with your values,

To  express and share all of our creativity during privileged  moments.

We use natural and synthetic products.

Why ?


Sometimes, 100% natural ingredients can be the cause of deforestation, disappearance of species or significant release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Some of them also contains carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic molecules (CMR), photosensitizing molecules or imitating hormonal effects (hormono-like).

In these cases, we prefer to use molecules coming from the green chemical.


We offer you workshops as rare as unexpected, animated by our experts to introduce you to the world of smell.

Discovery or creative themes for children and adults.

Our workshops are an invitation to share. Want to find out?


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