The power of odors

Reveal your personality

Thanks to your bespoke perfume

Created by Anaïs Fournial

More than a fragrance, it will be your essence

Your bespoke perfume


Your story, your personality will be translated in a unique fragrance. This is our promise.

It is often hard to choose our perfume. you cannot afford to find exactly what you imagine, you are lost because you have too many choices, too many perfumes that look similar. A solution stands:  the creation of your bespoke perfume. For this, you will be received by Anaïs, the designer and the perfumer of La Maison.

Your story, your tastes and your desires are at the heart of the creation. While meeting you, while listening to you and understanding you, Anaïs lets herself be guided by her creative intuition to imagine the fragrance that suits you.

The creation of this multi-faceted fragrance, at your image, will let you live an out of time experience. Every shade of your personality, as complex as she can be, is represented in your bespoke perfume. Anaïs will find the right ingredients, those which resonate for you, and will then harmonize them. Your skin is the supreme ingredient, the final ingredient, the ingredient giving life to a fragrance exclusively created for you.

You will live a unique experience between sincerity and conviviality. For several months, you will be her inspiration, Anaïs will be your perfumer and together, your fragrance will come to life.

Every moment spent in creating and refining your fragrance is a privileged moment for you.


The stages of creation


A key step to know you better, to understand you. We will discuss your tastes, your passions, your habits. Anaïs will listen, observe and feel. The creation is starting, you will inspire her.


The main ingredient will enter the scene : your skin. Tweaks are brought to sublimate it. She may also add important materials for you.

Coup de coeur

The last try will impose itself, as an evidence. Anaïs will share with you the creation and her secrets of perfumer. Your fragrance is quite a story but especially yours.

The happiness is more intense when we share it through a bespoke perfume

Fragrant celebrations:

bespoke olfactory atmosphere


There are some events that mark our lives. Moments that we wish to make unforgettable. Moments of sharing when despite all, part of the story remains difficult to catch for your guests.

For each of these events we can imagine a bespoke perfume.

For a wedding for example, the creation of this fragrance will be inspired by your story, your meeting, your song, your travels… It will be forever yours.

For a birthday or a retirement, your stories, the theme of your decoration, the place of celebration will inspire the creation of your fragrance.

Your event will be refined to the smallest detail, up to its dedicated olfactory work. Sublimated by an enchanting fragrance, your guests unforgettable sensory memories will be stimulated in your guests by a sincere and intimate gift, a candle or a perfumed spray.

The creation of an olfactory atmosphere is a private link between your nose and your feelings, anchoring a moment in your memories forever through this bespoke perfume.

The creation of your bespoke perfume

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