The creation of a fragrance

Inspired by your values

To tell your story.

The creation of your perfume is a quest in search of excellence

Perfumed products


Every fragrance collection tells a story. Every product has its own specificities.

Do you want to expand a collection or create a new one? Our team will advise you, support you and above all, Anaïs will create a fragrance for you.

Our perfumer will dedicat a precious time to listen to you, to understand the shades, the rhythms and feelings that you wish to procure. The fragrance will be the olfactory interpretation of your universe.

Thanks to her aromachology skills, Anaïs will also be able to incorporate, during the development process, notions of well-being. The benefits of essential oils are many. They can have relaxing or energizing effects, promote positivism or letting go. They will bring a real added value along with the rituals associated with your products  (cream, pillow mist…) or simply a fragrance to feel good.

Should you be launching your first perfume, we will offer you a particular accompaniment at every stage  of development process. It is also important to us to initiate you to the universe of perfumery for you to better understand the ingredients that we will use and to be able to talk about them. Subsequently, we will train your teams, if you wish, to highlight your perfume, its creation and its ingredients.

The project will realized according to your ideas, your desires and your own world, that we will interpret in perfume through our technical and creative skills.

Our memory is guardian of our souvenirs.

Odors are these favorites stimulants because its holds:

Your olfactory identity


Your visitors, your spectators or your customers are welcomed by decoration and sometimes music in your image.

Visual and sound stimuli are staged like an invitation to your world aiming probably at creating emotions and be memorable. However, a sense remains forgotten: smell. Yet it is the sense which is most intimately linked to our emotions, the most precious to stir them up.

A fragrance that will be imagined by our perfumer, with you and for you, will make all the difference.

This fragrance could be comforting and relaxing for a hotel, energizing and positive for a fitness room or promote the pleasure and the feeling of security in a theater or a shop. There is so many possibilities for our perfumer who is also aromachologist.

Anaïs will bring these effects to the fragrance by promoting the benefits of essential oils.

Facets of your olfactive identity will be the epitome of your values.




The strenghts of the olfactory marketing

Purchasing impulse

Of traffic at point of sale

Intention to return

Better perception of the customer experience

Anchor your values and strengthen your image




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