Scented events


When organising a major event, you first contact a caterer, a florist and musicians. You should also think of this process as an incredible sensory and emotional experience with a  perfumer. A scent can be a medium through which  the messages and emotions you wish to express can be to conveyed; kindness, joy, being carefree or even sharing.


There are events that mark our lives. Moments that we want to make unforgettable like a wedding for example. The strength of your love will have been shared during the celebrations but remains elusive for everyone. Imagine your guests lulled by a perfume that not only embodies the moment you met, but also this very special day. A joyful atmosphere magnified by an enchanting fragrance. This scent will forever be yours. Not only will you have your song but you will also have your perfume.


An ephemeral moment that lasts only a day, sometimes only an evening that you want to make unforgettable. A perfume allows us to extend our emotions beyond our visual memories. It is, in a way, the guardian of these magic moments. In order to prolong these moments of happiness, you can offer your guests, in different forms, a sample of your perfume.


An event considered to the smallest detail. This is what makes it exceptional.


An experience like no other for your guests. An indelible memory


An olfactory work of art created especially for your event.

Happiness is even more intense
when we share it.


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