Well-being fragrances; aromachology ?

We have all heard about aromatherapy, a non-conventional medicine based on essential oils’ use.

Aromatherapy helps release daily pain like headaches, articular pain, skin problems… In this case, essential oils are then deposited on contact with the skin on very specific points or on the area to be treated.

The well-being fragrances, which have a real impact are not based on aromatherapy but on aromachology.

What is that? How it works? I will tell you that right away.

Aromachology, what is it?

This alternative medicine also uses essential oils as the main tool.

Instead of leaving a drop on your skin, you will just smell them.
Be careful, even if there is no contact with your skin, there are still some precautions to respect with essential oils and you will understand why.

Aromachology is based on 2 important axes:
– the essential oils’ properties
– the mechanism of olfaction

When you smell an oil, the nervous system is going to solicit our limbic brain first. This part of the brain is responsible for our emotions, it appeals to our memories, to our subconscious.

Then, the message will be sent to the cortex, analysis’ place.

It is this way that makes our sense of smell so special.

Aromachology allows, thanks to this principle, to accompany our emotions, to support our psyche. It is the first reason to be careful about it because some reactions are undesirable.

The odorous molecules, entering in our nostrils will pass in our lungs then in our blood. This is the second reason why, even if we do not put them directly in contact with our skin, we must be careful.

Do wellness fragrances really do good?

Like so-called bespoke perfumes, you have to be vigilant.

You have probably heard that lavender helps you relax or promote sleep. You don’t have to be an aromachologist to know that.
A majority of wellness fragrances are create with ideas like this, without going any further.

The strength of marketing then helps get the message across, but when it comes to the creation of the perfume, there has been no further testing or research or even the intervention of a specialist.

Some brands promote working in collaboration with an aromachologist and a perfumer so that each of them contributes their knowledge and expertise. This is particularly the role that Patty Canac plays with perfumers. A formidable aromachologist who guides perfumers in their choice of ingredients to obtain the desired effects. Other brands may also choose to work with a perfumer trained in aromachology.

Well-being fragrances or perfumes that make us feel good?

A well-being fragrance is a perfume that you smell at the certain moment to answer a precise need, to relax, to find sleep, to let go, to dynamise you… A perfume that makes you feel good is, in my opinion, the perfume that you choose to wear every day, all the time. After all, there is no limit to pleasure yourself.

As a perfumer, essential oils are my main tools.
However, it is only when I became independent that I asked myself some questions about the emotional and behavioral influence a perfume could have on someone.
Understanding and measuring this impact became necessary so I don’t create perfume that could be an emotional time bomb.

So, creating exclusively bespoke perfume became obvious. In order for your perfume to really do you feel good and please you, it must correspond to you completely. It will therefore also have this ability to be a wellness perfume because it will be your comforter, your safe space where you find yourself totally. This perfume, you will love it because it will naturally resonate in you.

In a way, I like to make perfumes to please, to make people feel good, so aromachology has become indispensable in my creation process. I am a perfumer and aromachology is a way to do my job even better and give it even more meaning.