Perfumes creation with a nose


During a perfume creation workshop with a nose, take its place and create your own fragrances. The laboratory will be yours.


During it, with our perfumer, discover her job’s mysteries. In addition to being creative, being a nose takes patience and technic.

We will appeal to your imagination to design the fragrance you want. Will it be fruity, woody, sensual, spicy or fresh? You choose. A perfume creation can be inspired by your story, a moment of your life or your favourite ingredient. Come and tell us your inspirations, the olfactive family you want to interpret.

Once you determinated these points, comes the choice of the ingredient. Like a real perfumer, you write your ingredients and their quantity, you will introduce them drop by drop, ingredient after ingredients and then we smile your creations. Will they be successful? How many tries will you need to find the perfect match?

Our perfumer will help you at every step, find the ingredients, the best quantity...

It takes several months or even years to create a perfume. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s nose, notably took 5 years to finish one of them. Also this workshop will allow you to carry out the first steps of this meticulous work. At the end of this, the ingredients on your bottle will react together. After few days, the smell will evolve and change until it. Does your creation smell really different, is it better or worse ? It is up to you to tell us.

To discover everything, sign up for our perfumes creation workshop with our perfumer. Your first perfume creation is wanting for you.

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